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GATE EC Prep material Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books

This blog article is aimed to provide you the prep materials for GATE Electronics And Communication Engineering (EC) Paper – the syllabus, GATE EC exam papers and the list of books to study for cracking GATE.

Preparation for GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) 2013 has become all the more meaningful now - GATE 2013 score can be used for admissions for PG studies in more than 300 engineering colleges in India. It can also now be used to apply for about 1500 engineering jobs in PSU blue chips in India - IOCL, NTPC, Power Grid, BARC & BHEL. You can read about it in my exclusive blog article titled: List of PSU recruiting through GATE 2012– Notification Eligibility Forms.

Even before you start to prepare for GATE, please go through the following articles to have a better understanding about GATE exam:

This article tells you what is GATE, what are the eligibility required and how to apply for the same along with the schedule of dates.

It tells you what are the GATE exam sections – how many questions are asked, of what marks and the duration. For instance, pattern of GATE EC exam is as below:
GATE EC Exam Pattern

GATE Question Pattern with Sample Questions:
This article takes you deeper inside GATE – it discusses in detail what are the the three different types of questions asked in GATE along with examples.

After you read thoroughly the above articles, now it is the time to actually start your preparation for GATE. First go through the GATE EC syllabus. Than attempt the previous years exam papers to find which are your strong/weak areas. Lastly buy the books to improve your weak areas.

Download Syllabus for GATE 2013 Electronics And Communication Engineering (EC) Paper:
This is available in the official GATE website.

Download Previous years GATE EC Exam papers:

While the above links gives you the scanned copy of actual papers for only last 6 years, you can download last 14 years GATE EC exam papers, since from GATE 1997 from gateforum website.

While downloading these papers, please bear in mind that there was a major change in the pattern of GATE since from GATE 2009. Prior to GATE 2009, there were 85 questions for 150 marks. In GATE 2009, there were 60 questions for 100 marks. Since from GATE 2010, there are now 65 questions for 100 marks.

You can use also the book below for previous years GATE EC Exam solved papers:
GATE Electronics & Communication Engineering: Topic Wise Solved Papers (2000 - 2012) By G.K. Publications
List Price: Rs.195, Offer Price: Rs.146, Discount: Rs. 49 (25%)
GATE Electronics & Communication Engineering Topicwise Previous Solved Papers & Practice Papers 2013 By Made Easy
List Price: Rs.350, Offer Price: Rs.301, Discount: Rs. 49 (14%)
Above topic-wise solved papers of GATE EC enables you to glance through the whole paper in a very short time.

GATE EC Exam Prep Books:
Prep Books GATE EC ExamNot only for GATE, but also for any competitive exam (be it an entrance or a recruitment exam), you should buy book depending on your actual requirement – which is to strengthen your weak areas. As I told you previously, you should identify your strong/weak areas by attempting the previous years GATE exam papers.

You can also identify the same through Guide books such as the ones given below, which covers the complete GATE EC syllabus. You can find these GATE EC prep books in most of the good book stores. If you do not find them, you order the books online from Flipkart, which offers huge discount apart from free home delivery and with an option to pay Cash on Delivery.

GATE 2013: Electronics And Communication Engineering (With CD) By G.K. Publications
List Price: Rs.695, Offer Price: Rs.487, Discount: Rs. 208 (30%)

GATE Tutor Electronics and Communication Engineering by Ankit Goel, Alka Singh Publisher: Arihant
List Price: Rs.695, Offer Price: Rs.658, Discount: Rs. 37 (5%)

GATE Electronics & Communication Engineering 2012 By Chadha Publisher: Galgotia
List Price: Rs.450, Offer Price: Rs.443, Discount: Rs. 7

Apart from guide book such as one given above, you can buy the following books according to your area of weakness:
Principle of Communication System: Taub & Schilling
Communication System: A. Bruu Carlson
Integrated Electronics: Jacob Milman & C. Halkias
Integrated Circuits: K.R. Botkar
Digital Logic & Computer Design: Moris Mano
Signals and System: Oppehum, Willsky & Nacob
Automatic Control System: Benjamin C. Kuo
Control System Engineering: Nagrath & Gopal
Electromagnetic Waves & Radiating Systems: Jardon & Balmain, JD Kraus
Network Analysis: Van Valkenburg
Network and Systems: D. Roy Choudhary

GATE Coaching institute for Electronics Engineering:
So you need coaching for GATE? Well, I am sure with self-preparation you can crack GATE easily. However, if you need the help of coaching institutes for GATE EC paper, may be you can try with this list given by inspirenignite.

Hope above compilation of GATE Electronics Engineering prep materials and study plan would help in your preparation for the exam. I would be on the look out for more resources and post the same here. So keep visiting here for GATE EC study materials!
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