Monday, 23 July 2012

UKUP Impressed Distributors

UKUP Impressed Distributors

Rocking Star Manoj flying in the sky as his forthcoming movie 'Uu Kodatara uliki Padatara' is getting tremendous response among the trade. Earlier today Manoj arranged a special show for distributors and the feedback from them is positive, that makes Manoj to fly in the sky.

He shared his joy in twitter stating that ' Most of the distributors saw #UKUP today:) awesome report and they r more kicked :) they wanna increase more theatres:) GOD Bless:))'.

And it made him tension free. 'Didn't sleep well with tensions last few days:( super tired and sleepy :( hope I will do well now :) lol' he added.  

UKUP is all set to release on July 27th with notable expectations across the world. Balakrishna is playing a crucial role, which is the major highlight of the movie. Deesksha Seth is the female lead in this movie. Shekar Raja is the director.

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