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Anna Hazare Hindi SMS, Anna Hazare Hindi Jokes, Anna Hazare Shayari Anna Hazare Wishes 140 charactor

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Anna Hazare Anna Hazare
Corruption ku baigan mein milaare
Politician'an sar khujaare
ine kaanse toh bhi agaya re
Din raat news pe tumich aare
logaan to bouran ho jaare
khana nai khaare
candle'an jalaare
bure bure awaazaan nikaalre
India Gate pe chad jaare
Singal phasli hoke poori India ku hilare
hamare pyare sabke dulare
Anna Hazare Anna Hazare..!

THE only place in india where food is cheap.
TEA =1.00
SOUP =5.50
Daal =1.50
chapati = 1.00
chickan= 24.50
dosa =4.00
These items are meant for poor people and is available at india parliament canteen.
The salary of those poor people is 80,000 per month.wihout income tax.
please send itto atleast 5 Nagriks.
inki garibi sabko pata to chale!
lets join Anna Hazare
against corruption.

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