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what after hsc, Information about Science & Technology Courses after HSC (12th Sci)

Information about Science & Technology Courses after HSC (12th Sci)

In the race of carrier & Life, the graduate degree after higher secondary school (HSC) is like a big challenge. The graduate course (and sometimes name-fame of the institution) carries a lot of importance in shaping the carrier of a candidate.

As, generally seen (except the extra-ordinary), students of HSC are not much well informed about all the courses and the name of institutions/universities which carried that courses. The complete list of carrier opportunities opens a window for a kid to look around the world. However, the information acquired by a kid is generally through the parents/ teachers / relatives/friends. Many of the times, candidate want to pursue his/her carrier in one stream, but, the guidance from the family persons and friends may differs from the candidates wish. (but, i must say, this situation is rapidly changing. Now a days, the candidates views and his/her wish are being taken seriously by parents and family members). But, we must consider that, sometimes even parents may have a little information about the excellent opportunities available.

what are the courses that a candidate may pursue? this question is always like a mountain standing right in-front of them.

In this blog, I have targeted this question to give information about the
1. What kind of courses are available for HSC passes-out students 2. Universities/ colleges [...]

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