Saturday, 16 June 2012

Civil Services Exam: Number of Candidate Screened in various stages

Civil Services Exam (also called as IAS exam because of popularity for IAS among other services) is conducted by UPSC every year for recruiting about 800/900 brilliant officers in the top-rung civil services of the Govt of India: IAS, IFS, IPS and IRS among others. It is said to be one of the most competitive exam not only in India, but in the entire world because of the sheer number of candidates who applies/appears for this exam compared to the number of posts for which this exam is held – approximately only two in each thousand who applies gets the job – the acceptance/success rate in Civil Services Exam is as low as 0.18%!

But is Indian Civil Services Exam that competitive? How many candidates applies for this exam and are eliminated (i.e. screened) at various stages – Prelims/Mains/Interview in Civil Services Exam? This is the subject matter of this blog article. I did an analysis of authentic data from the Annual reports of UPSC for the Civil Services Exam conducted for most recent five exams – from CS-2006 to CS-2010 (data for CS-2011 would be incorporated in the 62nd Annual report of UPSC, which has not been published so far).

And the results were astounding:

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