Tuesday, 12 June 2012

CDS Exam Pattern, Sample papers, Books & Coaching institutes

CDS Exam PatternThis blog post is being made as a sequel to my previous blog article titled: CDS Exam (II) 2012: Notification, Eligibility & Forms, which tells you what is a CDS exam and how to apply for the same along with the eligibilities required and where to get the CDS exam forms.

The focus of this blog post is on providing you the study materials for CDS exam – by first telling what is the exam pattern and than giving you the sources of sample papers, guide books and the coaching institutes to help you prepare for the CDS exam.

CDS Exam Pattern:
CDS selection process consists of following three stages:
1.0 CDS Written exam.
2.0 SSB Interview.
3.0 Medical test.
How many candidates appear in each CDS exam? I had made an analysis based on CDS-II Exam data from 58th UPSC Annual Report (2007-08) and following is the finding:[...]

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