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Career Options after HSC, What after HSC science

Career Options after HSC, What after HSC science
Career Options after HSC in India includes various fields and one can choose as per his taste and preference. Some of the career options after HSC are Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Mass Media, Bachelor of Nursing Science, MBBS, Bachelor of Fashion Technology and many more courses.

Career Options after HSC or Higher School Certificate Examinations include a vast area have different fields to choose. HCS is the stage wherein an individual is required to understand his capabilities and interests for pursuing a rewarding career. With the sudden increase in competition and career options, it is quite natural for a student to get confused. Hence, given below is compiled list of different career options after HSC that a student can avail.

Like for instance, after the completion of HSC or its equivalent examination, one can enrol for the Bachelor of Arts or B.A. degree. Admission to this course is based on merit. However, there are several institutions in India where an entrance test is conducted to select students for this course. Different subjects can be studied in this course which include; History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Regional languages, Hindi, Sanskrit, etc. After graduation they can complete their Master`s degree or can start their career in various fields like teaching, media, advertising, public relations, counselling and administrative works.


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