Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st February 2012 Written Episode

Short update
Naksh and baby come home . everyone happy. they decorated the house and the room. ananyas jhula is there. and they take pic of baby in jula and naksh . and naksh arrange baby clothes in cobord and baby malish by bma. and natik worried of baby crying. and then he kiss baby and akshi.
part -1 naksh in hospital room. and akshi is rady to go home and naitik see akshi is covering baby and said you pack him also. and then take the baby and said let us go i am taking you to home. akshi said not him me also. and naitik smile and said yes . you can too. and add that baby is his first priority and then the rest. and akshi said fine now i will give all my love to baby and if something left then you. and natik said no i need all the love and i am first in your life. baby is just came.and they both smile. and dadi ,rj,and all give gift to the hospital staff and said thanks. and then g3 and bma came and said lets go. and they take akshi out. rj took baby and said that its time for them to say bye to baby. and then rj told akshi to take care. and akshi and family get in the car. and dadi pray that god help akshi so she can fulfill her new responsibility. and here in the car natik is driving very slow.and g3 notic that. and naitk told akshara to hold the baby . and bma said now on if they want to go some were then they should start day before. while naitk is driving slow.so if they have to go to engegment and they will reach in wedding. naitik said he have to drive slow while baby is in the car. and g3 told him to drive littel fast. and he said ok. and all the ladies smile.
here out side the house everything is decorated with blue balloon and everything look cute. and the red carpet and flowers every were. akshi said this is so good. and saw baisa came. and bma said baisa is happy and she came as she knew that akshi and baby is coming. and then they come out of car and take blessing of baisa and bais [...]

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