Saturday, 19 May 2012

Video: Shahrukh Khan Press Conference on Wankhede Stadium MCA Controversy

At a press conference held at his residence, Mannat, Shahrukh tried to clear the air on the Wankhede Stadium controversy. The officials had accused him of entering the grounds and misbehaving with them. They have planned to ban him from entering the stadium for 5 years.

Video: SRK Clarifies on What Happened At Wankhede Stadium in a press conference at his residence Mannat

Shahrukh Khan speaks on the Wankhede Stadium controversy

As per Shahrukh, when he went to the changing room to visit the players, the children who had accompanied him to the stadium went downstairs and were apparently waiting for him at the grounds. As Shahrukh looked down, he saw that the officials were "manhandling" these little children. He also said that everyone is aware of the behavior of people at cricket grounds. As per Shahrukh, the children were not even on the pitch, they were at the side, which should not have been a problem. Well, Shahrukh rushed down and before he knew it they all were surrounded by aggressive officials swearing at them. Shahrukh retaliated and the tiffs began...

In Shahrukh's words:

"I had gone to pick up my children who were there to watch the match. I went there, congratulated my team and when I came back, I saw that there a gentleman was manhandling the children. They were pushing little girls. I just told him that this is not the way to behave. I won't deny that I could have said something in a fit of anger, but I wil [...]

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