Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sasural Genda Phool 1st ferbruary 2012 Written update

Suhana brings the Breakfast. & here Dada,Inder-Ilesh(Innu-Illu) tries to avoid eating that. Nut the Ladies orders them saying Its not that bad and they have to eat what is served for them by their Bahu. RB-Rano-BM fear that now as R-D-S have taken over all the duties, what will they do sitting Idle all day? Suhana says i have a right to work. Ishika suggests She can work otherwise like Disha does. Rano says "Chup rey, aaj kal kuch zyada hion bol rahi hai"
SanjDeep at restaurant, they talk about Deepak's student in class 2 and Sanju says he should stay away from her. Now that college will get over, They should tell their families about them.But Deepak remembers RB's words and says He will talk to his family first then she can talk to KK about them.
Suhana asks why cant she work? Bm says Ofcourse you can. Ilesh says "whats the need? Go to your Dad's office". Rano says whats the need anyways?Dadaji says "What the use of her Degrees then?Ishaan what do u think?" . Ishaan doesn't mind.Now Suhana asks what job she should do?
Mr. & Mrs. Verma ave come too see Sanju for their son Rohit who is a architect. KK agrees with this rishta But sanju says she wanna talk. Vermas asks her about her college & when does she want to meet Rohit? But sanju excuses herself and leaves. Sanju calls Deepak & tells him about this. But he asks for more time.
Ilesh-Suhana on laptop searching for Jobs like Software engineer, C.A . But inder ask er about her interest and she says She wanna Attend Big Big long Board meeting in her Big Cabin. He says so you better start a Company of your own then. HE gives her Books to read. Now, he is teaching her ways as in how to attend The interview in confidence by asking questions and all and making her Resume. Suhana asks Your so good in all this, then why don't you get a job? Ilesh says Its country Badkismati. when you get a Job, tag in me too.

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