Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st February 2012 Written update

The epi begins with gopi entering the kitchen worried and hetal sees her and asks her why is she so tensed and gopi says nothing and asks for work and hetal tells her to cut the vegetables (why dont this girl open her mouth at the right time)
rashi is peeling potatoes and sees her kangans and touches them lovingly and smiles(u people decide whether its love for jigar or kangans..i cant predict her)
Hetal sees this and silently nudges gopi and both observe her (aaw so cute…)
Hetal indirectly taunts rashi saying that rashi likes her kangans a lot . Koki comes inside the kitchen (now the fire wil burn)
Rashi dont understand hetal taunts and starts barging about her kangans saying its a very beatiful design, and she saw the similar kangans in a magzine and liked them a lot, and its good that she got them..(this girl is a no1 idiot)
Koki shouts at her to stop narrating about her kangans and go and mould the atta. Hetal signals her to go and rashi goes to mound the atta…and sees that the atta got to her kangans and cries oh no..
Hetal asks whats the matter nad rashi says that her kangans got dirty. Koki shouts again saying what kind of madness of kangans she got suddenly, and asks whether are u made for kangans or the kangans made for u(what a dialougue..its not a exclamatation..its a question)
Hetal tells rashit to go and wash the kangans and clean them neatly in her room and rashi leaves worried for her kangans and koki shakes her head.(this girl wil defiently make koki mad one day…)
Gopi comes to her room worried and takes the moneya nd calls ahem. Ahem picks up the call and ask her why did she call and gopi with a lot of jis and woh's finally says that she is feeling afraid to go alone to the jewellery shop with a lot of money. (then take hetal or rashi yaar..what the big deal…)
AHem gets angry asking her cant she say that in the morning (a very good point actu [...]

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