Monday, 28 May 2012

Pratigya 1st February 2012 Written Episode

TN : P in kitchen filling water jug, looking sad… remembering all the cruel words… takes jug and goes to her room… several pics up on the wall… K comes in behind her and recites poem to her… P pleasantly surprised… K says its my own composition.. I used to create poems for my friends… P smiling… K tells her I know u are upset by all the issues… but we will try to remember the earlier happy times… points to each pic and talks about the incident… P smiling…
GH : Arushi telling Adr somethings wrong… why P not showing her reports… Adr tells her that P doesn't want to show them.. so don't bother her… Tamtam and Kml also discourage her… but she looks perturbed… Tamtam asks Adr what sort of work he is doing in India, since he never seems to leave the house or meet anyone… Adr doesn't answer…
GD room : Late night, Amma SS go into GD room… both worried… tell GD they are very worried for K and how can we stop this bad thing from happening… how can we allow K to be without child… to ruin his life… GD tells its true that K will never leave P… SS asks her then what should be done now… GD tells them to do fast and poojas … tells Amma to go to Guruma's ashram… SS says that will not work since P doesn't believe in poojas..
KP room : A still thinking about P's behaviour… she calls up K and informs him about it… says P spoke rudely and snatched away the reports… K tells her, OK I will get u the reports and you go consult a better doctor… P comes out of bathroom, overhears their convo… grabs phone from K and berates A… tells her that she does not want anyone's help and tells A to keep out of her personal life… K stunned.. tells P why u talking like this.. A only wanted to help us..
TN : Morning, K having b'fast, P sitting next to him.. K tells her u need anything then call me immediately… P says I'm OK now, don't worry a [...]

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