Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1st February 2012 written update

Mini Update
Manorama breaks Akash and Payal's engagement but when Nani threatens to break her relationship with the Raizada family, she unwillingly accepts Payal as her daughter-in-law. Arnav is relieved to see Khushi unharmed. He berates her for the agony she had put him through. Nanda Kishore tells him that his vehicle had broken down and they were delayed. Arnav takes Khushi home. Akash apologizes to Payal for not telling Manorama about her broken wedding. Arnav panics when Khushi injures her hand trying to wear the bangles Nanda Kishore had bought her.
Detailed Update
Episode begins with Mami screaming out and humiliates the Gupta Family. She dont even listen to the Guptas and Mamaji. Anjali and Akash is shocked and moves to them.He tries to speak but Mami stops him. She enquires about her old relation of Payal and asks if there is some defect in the girl! Nani is angry and shouts at Mami. She asks if Mami needs an answer then allow the Guptas to speak up. But Mami doesnt listen and declared her ultimatum that she would never allow her son to get married to such a rejected piece! Payal is shocked! Nani screams at Mami! Payal is brokendown, Akash looks at Payal! Anjali tries to convince Mami but that doesnt bring any effect on Mami. She is still in her opinion. Bua tries to say but Payal cuts her in and says to Mami that if Mami has got some trouble with their relationship then she is ready to break the relation! All are shocked at this opinion of hers.
Arnav runs behind the ambulance calling out for Khushi, but then he gives up running behind it. He is totally upset. [Emotional Rabba Ve in the BG] He runs to take his car and gets in the car but then he hears the voice of Khushi who is bargaining at the Gram seller. That voice which was so soothin [...]

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