Sunday, 20 May 2012

IAF PABT: What is it & How to Prepare

IAF PABT What is it How to PrepareIndian Air Force (IAF) Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) is the single most important test that determines whether you are fit to be a Pilot and hence decides if you can have a career in the flying unit of IAF. Also, what is most important is that: you can appear for PABT only once in your life time - if you fail once, your flying career is sealed - you can never appear for PABT for the second time! The only option if still you want to have a defense career is to choose the other two forces: Army & Navy.

Material available on the net for IAF PABT is very scarce and hence most of the PABT test takers attempts the PABT blindly, without any preparation. This is very true that you do not need any preparation for the skills tested in PABT- since most of the time your reflex [...]

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