Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st february 2012 Written update

The episode starts with Jeevika crying and with alot of courage, she says that she will be with her family even if it means that she would have to leave Manvi because now Viren's family is he family and so that is what is her foremost priority. Saying this she again breaks and sobs, Viren goes upto her and tries to console her and says that he himself felt bad for what has been happening. Jeevika confesses that she doesn't know whom to be with, she is swinging between Manvi and the Vadheras, her family. Viren says that she must leave it the way it is and things will get better in the future because he is always there and he wouldn't let anything go bad. Viren says that he doesn't want to hurt Manvi either because now, not just Jeevika but even he, himself is related to Manvi. He informs Jeevika that Virat would be leaving Manvi at the station and that Virat has informed Beeji to pick Manvi up from the Rishikesh station so Jeevika doesn't need to worry as Manvi will reach home properly and safely. Jeevika is satisfied but continues crying and finally breaks apart in Viren's arms.
In Inder Chachu's room, Chachu is sitting, deep in thought when Virat enters his room and goes and sits next to him. Virat starts with how upset Manvi was when she left and how unfair it is for everyone to directly blame Manvi for whatever happened when everyone had equal roles. He asked Chachu how is Manvi responsible for Chachu losing the case. That's when Chachu realizes what has Manvi been going through in the house while he was in his dilemma. Then Virat starts encouraging Chachu saying that he hasn't yet lost the case and it can start all over again. He requested Chachu to forget all that happened and give it a new start. He told that if Chachu works equally hard and doesn't lose hope then with determination and courage, Chachu can prove himself to the world and to himself. Chachu doesn't say anything exce [...]

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