Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th January 2012 Written Episode

Summary: SurYa unglue their fingers with Bhabo's help, Bhabo scolding them for this harkat! Bhabo-Bhabasa nok jhok! Doll dancing event is arranged by SurYa and all are awaiting for it to start!
Detailed Update
Episode continues with SurYa caught in front of Bhabo with their fingers glued. He asks them to wash it with soap before Bhabo comes! Bhabo coming down to hall mutterring … Bhabasa tries to masca chaska her talking about their old days, gol gappe talks, etc so that SurYa unglue their fingers before she comes.
SurYa are hurrily washing their hands but still the glue is stick. Bhabo sees them together and asks Sandy to get clothes from terrace, as Sandy tries to put a step front Sooraj follows her ad Bhabo scolds him that why he is following her behind etc.. Sooraj shows their fingers glued.
Bhabasa tells that they were fixing a part in almari with glue and their fingers were glued! Bhabo scolds as where they were concentrating etc.. She brings them hot water and asks them to dip and get un-glued! Sandy dips her hand and is bit by hot! Bhabo teases her that she is very sensitive etc..
SurYa feel bad! Sandy with brave mind dips her hand with Sooraj's finger in the hot water and after a while their fingers are unglued Bhabo, Sooraj notice the pain on Sandy's face! Bhabo asks whose mistake was that for which SurYa both blame selves.. Bhabo scolds that he is taking her wife's blame and goes away!
Meena taking with Bhabo that Sandy went to sleep early and Sooraj was missing in shop! They hear the drum beats see outside. People are gathered and Chaturi is dancing with children! All are surprised! They say there will be dance, songs and natak today etc.. Bhabo is confused and sees SurYa arranging the event!
Bhabo, Meena, Dhaisa, Chavi blame on Sandy for involving in this and making fun of their family and Sooraj helping her! Bhabasa welcomes them all to take the seats Sa [...]

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