Monday, 5 March 2012

Sasural Genda Phool 2nd February 2012 Written Episode

ILINU(Ilesh-Inder) again doing nautanki n front of that Casting director. Suhana is shocked to see him hee. Meena & Ilinu try their luck in front of him but hes not interested. Suhana says she is not doing it. He says the shooting will be done in Delhi, sets are in Delhi too too. she will get a minimum of around 2Lakhs per month and additional income will be done if she gives interviews,Cutting ribbons. and if she takes Award, she will have to pay or if she goes to Give it, she can go for free So the Average wll be 3-4Lakh per Month.
SanjDeep again at cafe, she asks him whether e had a talk with his family? he says no. Sanju says I'll talk then, but Deepak says No. you don't know anything about me. She says "Your RB's son, and she is not actually daughter of Kashyaps but they all love you. Di had told me this". He tries to tell her about him being Illegitimate child but she is not listening.
Suhana here says No but he says he as already sent the Channel her photo & now she cant say No. He says "I know you dont want Money, but see you will get lots of Fame. people will recognise you in Every street". Ilinu say You wanted a job so here it is. EVen Rajni Disha agree. and she says Yes. So casting director says "Tomorrow The production car will come & we will take your screen test & send it to Channel". Now Rajni-DIsha worried as they didnt ask for Elder's Permission.
Rano asking Whether she really needs to do a Job? BM,Dada make her understand saying even Disha is working. Rb says "Bhabhi y dont you cry? you will feel better". Suhana comes saying she got the job of Lead in daily soap "Jaha piya Waha main". All are confused. R-D run from there in their Room & are now scared as they will be scolded for giving her permission without asking them. ILinu comes discussing who should have got the Role. & Says BM is modernbut only Rano will do natak. Here, RB [...]

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