Saturday, 3 March 2012

50 facts about Manchester United

  1. Manchester United play at Old Trafford
  2. Manchester United were formally known as Newton Heath LYR Football Club has announced.
  3. Newton Heath were in 1878 and turned professional in 1885.
  4. Alex Ferguson is the senior manager.
  5. Manchester United formed in 1902.
  6. Matt Busby was manager of Manchester United won their first European Cup.
  7. Since the end of 2010, Manchester United have won 18 championships.
  8. Since the end of 2010, has 11 Manchester United won the FA Cup
  9. Manchester Untied emblem of the club from Manchester City Council coat of arms is derived.
  10. Newton Heath played originally on the road North.
  11. Newton Heath in June 1893 by its owners from North Road, Manchester deans and canons, that it was inappropriate for the club entry fee to raise the ground feel displaced.
  12. Denise law is the player who scored the most goals in a season for a total of 46 in all competitions
  13. Manchester United won the Premier League in 1908.
  14. A year later, in 1909 Manchester United won its first FA Cup.
  15. Manchester United started to play at Old Trafford in 1909
  16. Manchester United has the highest average attendance of all teams in Europe.
  17. Manchester United was the first trophy of the Manchester Cup.
  18. Manchester United is the first national recognition came in 1908 when they won the Football League First Division.
  19. Manchester United are the main rivals Manchester City and Liverpool
  20. Manchester United once played their home games in the former home of Manchester City, was Maine Road as Old Trafford was rebuilt after the bombings of World War II.
  21. The Manchester United club official says Club is supported.
  22. Manchester United to swim the first football club to be on the London Stock Exchange in 1991.
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