Saturday, 28 January 2012

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th January 2012 Written Episode

Part 1:
the epi starts with all the family members near akshara.. nurse asks all of them to leave… akshara says she want to talk to shourya… so everyone leave except shourya… akshara says to shourya that she thought of saying it to naitik but as she doesn't know when he will be coming, she is saying this to him… she says to shourya to take the picture of the baby as soon as the birth and also to observe the moles of the baby… shourya says these r all not required… akshara says these r all required because in hospitals babies will be stolen… (I was so touched with this dialogue… excellent acting by hinakhan… the expression she told it is superb…).. shourya says nothing like that will happen… akshara says she have to take care about all this and as naitik is not der, shoruya has to take care of it.. shourya assures that he will takes care of the baby and also will take the picture of the baby… and then he says to akshara to be smiling and be strong.. akshara nods the head saying yes.. shourya leaves… akshara remembers the moments spend with naitik n how he promised her that he will be with her during her delivery…
And then the doctor comes and says to akshara that she have to be operated… akshara says she want to wait till naitik comes.. so the doctor comes and says the same to the family members… doctor says as akshara is well and fine, they can wait for some more time for the operation.. G3 asks will it be better if akshara talks to naitik on phone… but doctor says not to do that as this may scare akshara more…
Here Naitik is in the car, on the way to hospital… he is very much tensed regarding akshara… he asks the driver to drive as soon as possible…
@hospital.. G3, Bm and varsha goes to akshara… they three of them try to convince akshara to agree for the operation… But akshara dont agree with them and says firmly that she will wait till naiti [...]

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