Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Syllabus of NDA Examination

This blog post is part of a series of articles on NDA examination prep material titled: NDA Exam Prep material: Sample Papers & Books. If you have not gone through the previous posts, may be you would find it useful to go through them.

This blog post tells you about the syllabus of NDA Examination, so that you can find what to study for the exam. UPSC (who conducts the exam) has not specified the syllabus of any particular board (such as CBSE etc.) syllabus as the syllabus for NDA exam – If you are studying in Class-XII of any 10+2 pattern board school, than your Class-XI & XII syllabus is good enough to do well in the exam.

Before we go on to find the details of the syllabus of NDA Examination, it may do well for you to know that there are two papers in NDA written test and both are objective type (multiple choice) question paper:
Paper-1. Mathematics : 300 Marks. Duration-21/2 hours.
Paper-2. General Ability Test : 600 Marks. Duration-21/2 hours.
Besides above total 900 marks, you need to compete for another 900 marks in SSB interview, after you qualify in the written test.

Syllabus of NDA Examination Paper-1. Mathematics (300 Marks.)< [...]

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