Saturday, 28 January 2012

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 27th January 2012 Written Episode

Armaan and Kaka return home to find Ashu playing the violin and are pleased to realize that "their old" Ashutosh had made a comeback. As Nidhi comes in with fresh chai for Ashu & her, Armaan wonders what happened to the violin concert but Ashu, while stealing glances at Nidhi, comments shyly that Nidhi's tea had bought over the concert to which Kaka responds that Nidhi should stay for dinner as Ashu's playing violin was not enough to repay the value of Nidhi's tea!
Back at the Vermas, Dadi Bua is fretting over it being 10pm and Nidhi still being out. Rohan bluffs that Nidhi had gone to Kotnis to meet Ashu for a second opinion but DB comments back that Nidhi had been meeting Ashu a bit too much lately.
Meanwhile, Ashu & Nidhi are sitting at a coffee shop waiting to order when Ashu wonders if it was not getting late for Nidhi. She reassures him otherwise but adds that despite her family, she could not decline his invitation to grab coffee together. Ashu then asks Nidhi what she wanted to drink but laughs out loud expressing that she was "such a kid" when he hears her answer with "cold coffee" as a cappuccino was too bitter. Offended at Ashu's words, Nidhi insists on ordering an "extra strong" cappuccino. Even as he laughs at Nidhi's reaction, Ashu shares his fear that this beautiful dream they were living would end suddenly one morning and Nidhi replies that she too felt the same way. Cheering himself up, Ashu says that Nidhi was strong & positive to which Nidhi adds that she was…even more so than him.
Outside the cafe, the Solankis are waiting for a cab when they spot Nidhi having coffee with Ashu. Mr. Solanki wonders what Nidhi was doing being out this late with Ashu but Shyama responds that Nidhi was seeking Ashu's opinion on her her father's case and Ashu must have suggested they stop for coffee on the way back. Mr. Solanki is still suspicious of the [...]

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