Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th January 2012 Written Episode

Recap — Nidhi rues to Ashu on moby that he isnt coming! Ashu explains that situation is such! Ashu asks Armu if Nidhi enjoyed at the picnic? Armu informs that Nidhi din come as well! Ashu is taken aback! Ashu offers to make up for it to Nidhi on moby! Ashu offers to spend an entire day with Nidhi! Nidhi smiles! Armu tells Mallu that Ashu refused to come to the picnic coz of some emergency in the hospital! Mallu says its alrite since the picnic was with Armu! Armu informs that it was with Nidhi as well! Mallu is taken aback and feels happy! Armu asks Mallu if she is aware what emergency had come?
Part 1
Mallu tells Armu that being a patient she isnt aware of the going ons in the hosp! Armu wishes Mallu and leaves! Mallu is beaming! Anjie comes to Col. Verma's office and greets Mansukhani! She asks him to show her all the records! Mansukhani tries to dissuade but Anjie insists! She also asks for details of previous years orders received/ dispatched! Mansukhani relents and goes to get the records! He tells Chandak that if Anjie gets into the details of the things, their secret will be out in the open! Ranga is sitting in his cabin holding his head looking sick and sad! He decides to call Anjie again and apologises for the previous day's incidence! Anjie tells Ranga that she doesnt believe him as his shame is wasted on flirting with random flowergirl, patient, security guard etc! Ranga tries to justify that seeing his past with a patient Anjie should be impressed that his standard has gone up! Ranga asks her about their next meeting and Anjie curtly informs him that she has joined Baba's office and hence it wuld b difficult for her to come to Kotnis! Ranga sulks!
Suhasini comes to meet Mallu! She asks Mallu what she is thinking and Mallu shares how Ashu cancelled a picnic date with Nidhi for her sake! Suhasini smiles and tells her that if correct situation is created, Ashu can upset Nidhi for [...]

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