Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Isha Sharvani and Zaheer Khan Photo Gallery | Isha Sharvani and Zaheer Khan Marriage News

Isha Sharvani

Isha Sharvani is an Indian dancer and actress. She is known for her stylistic and difficult dance performances.She has also starred in some Bollywood films.She has lived in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Orissa, Vrindavan and Bangalore, before settling down in Thiruvananthapuram.Isha parents reside at Vellayani Lake near Trivandrum.They founded an arts school called Academy for Art Research, Training and Innovation where she lived for 13–14 years.

At the age of seven she began formal learning of dance from her mother and learned Kalaripayattu, Kathak and Chhau dance as well as giving performances in twenty-two countries over last seven years.According to an interview with India Daily, Isha stated she lived a different life poles apart from the film industry.

Source: wikipedia

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