Saturday, 28 January 2012

Choti Bahu Season 2 27th January 2012 Written Episode

Part 1
Starts with everyone bringing Dev to the hospital, the mhat priests are also there, the real radhs is shown running with a pot in her hand, she gets hurt and rests at a tree, her mangsultra gets caught in the tree and breaks she prays to Kahna that nothing should happen to her husband.. the screen's keep showing dev's bad condition and radhs running.
Precap: Kahna and radhs are in the temple. Kahna says I want to tell you something this will bring you sorrow, but this is what is written, dev is going to die in six months from today.
Part 2
Radhs is in flash back'.
Radhs and Kahna in temple' Kahna is telling radhs that this is what was written in dev's destiny, and that he will die in 6 months. Radhs says no this cant happen' I cant leave without my husband/ why did you save me? If you would of let me die by Bak's hands I would have been happy, I least I would be dying as a suhagan! She pleads to Kahna to give her life to Dev and save him. She goes to the bell in the temple and starts to bang her head on it.. kanha makes the bell get covered in flowers so that radhs will no longer get hurt. By the end radhs manng is filed with blood. She again questions Kahna why he saved her?
Kahna replies that even God's had to fight to get what they wanted, Saraswati had to fight with yumraj to get her husband's life, and a person who is willing to give her life to save her husband is no less then Saraswati. You have the power to save your husband but for that you need to do what you were born to do.
Radhs says I will do anything' Kahna says the human body is made up of 5 things, and she has to collect those 5 things and bring it to the puja. He will tell her the location of the 4 things but the 5th thing ( being fire) she will have to find it her self.. he warns her that the path is not easy and a lot of difficulty will come up. Radhs says I will do anything to save [...]

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