Saturday, 28 January 2012

Balika Vadhu 27th January 2012 Written Episode

Basanth at Bapusa's house and talking to him and making excuses about staying, he notices the luggages and asks about them, he lies and says work may take longer then expected, he states he drove here by himself and is trying to cover up the truth. They take Nandu up to bed and Gehna tells Basanth that she never thought they would come here, he replies that when someone has no other options they can do anything, he cant think beyond the needs of his child therefore he did this., no matter where they went people would have asked question, but if the need be its better to keep it inside the family
Sumitra wondering what she will tell Maasa, Bhairon says he is sure that everything will be fine before Maasa comes back home, both are crying about what has happened and how they left.
Anandi looking at a picture Nandu made of the family and is tearful looking, and recalling what happened when Gehna and Basanth were leaving the house, Anandi is recalling the playful moments with Nandu, she walks to a room and imagines Nandu is there, she runs after him outside and is chasing him but then realises it was her imgination.
Bapusa is pacing his room and thinking about Basanth coming to his house and the situation they came is and is suspicious. Servant comes and says dinnner is ready and that Bsanth said they are not hungry, Bapusa is even more confused and wonders what happened, he thinks of calling Kalyani but drops the idea and instead thinks of calling Bhairon but drops that thinking its too late and that he would call him in thee morning
VOICE-OVER – when someone is at a crossroad, they forget about their past and even breaks the strongest of relations
PRECAP – Anandi asking Sumitra if there is no way that broken relations can be fixed, then the phone rings and its a call from Tauji

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