Thursday, 26 January 2012

Balika Vadhu 26th January 2012 Written Episode

Nandu asks y all r crying. Gehena(G) orders him not to speak. Sumi,bahiron,anandi keep requesting them not to go. Basant(B) is no mood to listen. They get into the jeep. Sumi gives gehena her "kasam" too but no result. Bhairon runs behin the jeep but they left. Sumi feels uneasy and is about to faint but bhairon holds her. When anandi touches her, sumi pushes her hand away and tells her not to touch her and accuses her that for anandi only their family is broken! Bhairon tries to console her that when basant anger will cool down they will come back, he wont disrespect maasa's "sanskar". Sumi and anandi asks bhairon to call basant to know where they r going. When bhairon calls basant , he cuts the phone! They worried about BG and gehena.
Anandi inside the haveli recalls some of the happy moments. She notices the nandu's drawing paper and goes towards the family photo and says to ds's photo that she failed in this exam and couldn't keep the family together. She again recalls some gehena and basant's words and is tears. She tells dadisa's pic to forgive her and breaks down.
BG comes to mahavir singh's(MS) haveli(guys… Here from this scene a new actress in the role of gehena, neha is replaced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) MS surprised and very happy to see them! He is very emotional and tells the servant that he is the "chhote malik" of this haveli.
MS asks them how r they and rest of the haveli ppl and anandi. Basant replies that maasa went to kokatta and rest r fines too. them MS tells them that if he would know about their coming then he would have prepared something special for them. Basant replies no need of those things in own house, bapusa! MS is emotional.
Precap- Anandi is crying after watching BG and nandu's picture (new gehena's pic is there !!!) Anandi feels that nandu came back!(seems like her illusion).

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