Saturday, 31 December 2011

Balika Vadhu 28th December 2011 Written Update

Gauri locks herself in her room. Her parents r worried.Gauri comes out and tells her parents that she wants to go to jetsar and wants to inform jagat about it. G's mom stops her from informing jagat by saying that he won't able to understand bhairon's game. After knowing this he will consider his father as mahaan and will be attracted towards his family. Gauri tells her that no matter that she will inform jagat or not but she will go to jetsar. It's very important to talk to them. Gauri's father wants to come with her but gauri says she will go alone.
At jetsar, ppl r worried about that strange lady. The boy who is ill, his father described his conditions and accused that lady. Some ppl discussed some speculations related to that lady as "dayaan" and say she targets the kids. Suddenly they notice that lady. The lady too notices them and runs away. Village ppl decided to stay alert for their children.
Phooli comes to haveli with her kid. Anandi is very happy. Phooli asks her the reason to call her. Anandi asks phooli what is her plan about their future as full responsibilities of her kid is on her. Phooli replies she knows anandi will take care of it. Anandi takes them to sumi and bhairon. Anandi tells bhairon that she can't concentrate on her school due to her responsibilities of sarpanch. So if phooli will join the school as teacher then it will be helpful and they will give her salary so that she can take care of herself and her kid too. bhairon happily agrees. Both sumi and bhairon teases phooli by calling her "masterniji".
Anandi's elderly students r happy to c phooli and her kid. Anandi informs them that now on phooli will teach them and she is their new teacherji. Students r happy. Anandi tells them to conc [...]

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