Monday, 31 October 2011

Sasural Genda Phool -31st October 2011 Written update

Bijlani tauns and goes on and on about suhaana's inefficiency for cooking. ( ishaan bholu nahi stupid hai, how can he let guy insult his wife) . After he is gonna suhaana asks if she really is bad house wife ( No, bad nahi lekin dumb ho and jaha bolna chaahiye vaha chup rahti ho ). Ishaan consoles her saying we can buy gilabjamun from shop ( abe oye bijlani ke saamne kyu bolti band thee??).
BM goes to pacify daadi, asks why has not she chaned yet. Dadi cries over BP, saying he made bluder I am paying for it. I feel helpless, I do not want him to stay here but what to do I am mother and when people bash him indirectly it is bashing me. ( daadi once kids are grown up they are responsible for their action.).
Bijalani comes to sushaan and complains about secretary of the society, who took 500 rs contribution and did not do good arrangements. Bijalani suggests to join anna hazaare group and protest. Suhaana asks him to go and protest, ishaan says before that give your resignation as while on job you can not protest ( haila I did not know that??)
Kashyap family is ready for pooj, ileash ask abt BP, RB says may be in his room, rano objects as it is BM's room. Alok tells them not to talk about him as daadaji can come any time.
Rajni and rest of the family miss suhaana, lost in last year Diwali. Dada-daadi join. Daadaji says suhaana will still give us happiness though she is away, but the person present in the house is reason for our sadness. BM diverts him saying not to talk this today, she request them to do arti. They start, BP join starts singing arti, rest all go quite, daadaji keep looking at him angrily ( wow I have not seen any other guy who is shameless like him } BP sees and says why did you stop start, he says celebrating with family is awesome. BP tries to remind them about h [...]

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