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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th October 2011 Written Episode

Short update

THe epi starts with doc advising jigar to take care of rashi but jigar have no intrest in that.
koki and hetal come and asks the matter and jigar says that its food poisoning.
They leave to house and in raji room jigar finalizes to rashi that he now only hates her and nothing more.
kokila asks gopi to prepare arrangments of some friends arrivijng at home.
gopi helps ahem in tieing his naada (cute scene)
rashi easts the sweets kept for pooja nd koki blasts her .
ahem friends come and gopi pleases them which pleases ahem too naturally.
precap: rashi is saying to jigar that she is ready to leave the house in a attitude way.

Detailed update:

THe epi starts with the doc telling jigar that his wife attempted to sucide. (arrey statment urmi buyed him!!)Jigar is suprised and asks that those are only sugar balls which she ate.
the doc agrees but says that though those are the sugar balls rashi took them thinking as napthalene balls hence jigar should talk to rashi . He says to jigar that if she really wanted to do drama then she wont eat sugar balls which any doc could find out. (hai atleast someone have sympathy with her..oh i mean after gopi)
doc advises jigar to talk to rashi and make her understand (hey does generally sucide cases are reported!!)
jigar says to himself that [...]

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