Monday, 31 October 2011

Rush Limbaugh's crisis of confidence.

This is odd, because you think of him as supremely confident:
... I've been talking about things I really don't care about and I have been worried (particularly for the past month) that I'm boring everybody silly....

I'm asking myself, "Have I reached a career crossroads here?"  This is a new experience for me....  I mean, I've really been agonizing over this in a career sense, and I have been dealing with it as best that I go....

[T]hat's what I've really been worrying about: "Have I lost it?"  Snerdley, I've walked outta here every day the past month thinking, "This has to have been boring as hell to listen to. Just has to be," and I worry about it, 'cause every day this show I do for the audience.  I don't do it for me.  Well, I do do it for me.  That's crazy. But I do it for the audience.  I know what the audience expectations are, and they are high, and the objective here is to meet and surpass them each and every day.  When I think I'm not doing that, I get depressed in terms of letting people down.

Source - Althouse

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