Sunday, 30 October 2011

Maryada 28th October 2011 Written Episode

Devyani slaps Uttara and orders her to stop. How dare she act innocent after all these? Uttara says this is no drama, she did not know that Bramha will take this step. Devyani says what did she think? What name will she give to her relationship with Brmaha? Priya asks Brmaha about Devyani , He denies telling her and leaves , She is disturbed .
Vidya's mother asks her about her relationship with Gaurav and informs her that she understands that Gaurav is a good human being, but their relationship is not like Adi Priya . Vidya breaks down , hugs her mothers and says what should she do. She has good family and caring husband .Both mother daughter cry together .Chinu sees all these.
She also adds she is very shameful about this relationship .Devyani says she though Uttara to be innocent , so she tried hard to save her from Bramha .But she failed , she also adds she should throw her than trying to make her understand . Uttara says no one innocent or fool Circumstances were like that. Where there is feeling , mind and heart do not work. She says If it is about love, it can happen to anyone and anywhere . Devyani says how can she call it love where her love broke a happy family(Oh yeah if Jhakars are happy family then I am the queen of India'.How dumb Devyani).Love cannot be so selfish , she calls it lust . Uttara yells not to call it lust. She says Devyani could not give love to her husband it is her fault that her husband went to her (How cheap, how trash)Devyani again went to slap her and Uttara this time holds her hand tightly . Priya arrives there.Uttara leaves. Stunned Devyani starts crying , Priya tries to console her and advices her to inform everything to the family .Devyani stops her and tells as she followed Prtiya's instructions these situation had arrived , She will not go against Bramha from now on and yells at Priya to stop giving consultatio [...]

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