Sunday, 30 October 2011

Baba Aiso Var Dhoondo 28th October 2011 Written Episode

Episode begins with some chasing of Bharti by kidnappers and co. Karthik screaming to catch Bharti who is running in the jungle. More chasing and running. Bharti manages to out run and hide. Karthik tells the kidnappers to look for her. Bharti tries to run and Karthik sees her.
Murli is on the road saying nehi, gets into the cars with the money. He drives off. More chasing of Bharti, who suddenly running towards the road with Murli driving on the same path. But they miss each other like always and Bharti looks helpless at Murli's car passing her by.

At the mansion everyone is uneasy. Gau is just giving evil grins. Kamla wondering why Murli hasn't called. Bansi tries to pacify her. Murli comes back with the money, everyone looks at him with hope. Murli is sad and Mridang notices the bag is with him. The bros run towards Murli asking what happened and why the money was returned. Mridang asking where is Bharti while Dhumroo looks out to see Bharti. Kamla cries asking about Bharti to Murli, he drops the bag. Murli said he didn't find Bharti and Gau is relieved.

Bharti is running and finds a basti thinking they won't do anything with people around. The basti people are looking the baddies. Bharti is wondering where to go and hides behind a carriage. Baddies still looking around for Bharti and miss her. The baddies then spot her and more chasing. Bharti comes to a house and quickly runs into it. The baddies miss her again.

Bharti finds the owners of the house looking at her, she is scared. The baddies notices the door is closed. The lady asks Bharti what she was doing and she tells her about people chasing her. Bharti pleads for help and the [...]

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